Expect a positive Experience

We focus on providing quality dental care by building a strong team of clinicians, investing in the team’s continuing education and by integrating the latest best practices into the clinic. In spite of all that effort, as far as we are concerned, that is not enough.

We need to make the services accessible and pleasant for the people that entrust us with their care. We need to create an environment that allows people to enjoy their visits – if not enjoy, at least not mind them very much. To shape a positive experience we offer

Numerous Communications Options

If you would prefer to receive your communications from us via email, as opposed to text or phone, just let us know and we will make sure that we adjust it to your preference.

Genuine and Personal Greeting

As customers ourselves, we appreciate it when people take genuine interest in making us feel welcome. We appreciate each and every one of our patients and a warm welcome is the least we can do to express that.

Beverage Bar

A warm greeting is nice – a warm coffee in the morning can be just what the doctor ordered! Enjoy complimentary coffee or water during your visit.

Free WiFi

Connect to our guest Wi-Fi and surf for free.

TVs in the Reception Area

If you do happen to arrive a bit early for your appointment, catch up on some TV while waiting.

TVs in the Clinical Areas

If you feel like watching some TV while we work, you can take advantage of individual TVs in each of our clinical rooms – it can help pass the time a little quicker.

Personal Service

It is true; our patient files have numbers on them. The files also have names and those are easier to work with!

  • We enjoy getting to know all of our patients – not just their teeth but their stories as well!
  • We are professional service providers but that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep interactions and the experience relaxed and informal. The service is professional – the experience is human.
  • We feel it is important to allocate time in our appointments to clearly communicate our findings, treatment options and recommendations. We encourage open dialogue with any one of our team members, be it a dentist, dental assistant, hygienist or administrator. We want each of our patients to understand their options and to feel comfortable to ask questions. Having all of the information helps our patients feel comfortable and confident in the care that they receive.
  • We have a team of dental care providers with different areas of interest and expertise. This allows us to offer a broad range of services as well meet your personal dental care requirements – all under one roof.


Children in the office bring a vitality that is impossible to ignore.

We have put in a lot of effort to make our environment as engaging and entertaining for families and children but it isn’t those features that make our practice so enjoyable for kids. In fact, it is our team that really enjoys having kids around and can interact with children naturally that makes the experience so positive for children and their parents.

First Visit

The uncertainty that surrounds the first appointment can create anxiety for patients that are visiting a practice for the first time. We try to take away as much of that anxiety as possible by explaining the expectations clearly with regards to our practice and first visits.

Generally speaking, the goal of the first visit is to allow us to thoroughly assess your current oral and overall health, understand your past experiences with dental practices, establish your dental goals, and start thinking about options that will help you achieve those goals. Our initial visits are comprehensive, but as you will come to understand, each step is essential to allow us to provide quality, personalized dental care. You will find an overview of the first appointment below.

  1. You can expect to spend approximately 1.5 hours with us for your first visit
  2. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled visit to arrange any administrative details
  3. You will be greeted by a member of our administrative team and you will go through some of our practice policies as well as some general paperwork
  4. You will be introduced to your hygienist who will give you a brief walkthrough of the practice before taking you into the clinical area
  5. Your hygienist will begin by reviewing your medical and dental history
  6. We will then start with a comprehensive set of x-rays that will help us in your baseline dental health assessment
  7. We will complete comprehensive charting to identify periodontal health
  8. We will take pictures with our intra-oral cameras to document the current state of affairs
  9. You will receive a traditional “cleaning” with application of fluoride if necessary
  10. Your dentist will come in and conduct a thorough examination and discuss your dental goals
  11. Your dentist will discuss the findings and will start discussing next steps in your care
  12. Your hygienist will document all of your dentist’s findings and ask if you have any further questions
  13. Your hygienist will explain the next steps
  14. You will be brought out to the front where a member of our administrative team will help you arrange next steps and answer any further questions that you may have