We have had the pleasure of shaping Eastboro Dental into exactly the type of practice that we felt would serve our community best.

We integrated the lessons from the years of practice from each of our owners, associates and team members to create a dental experience that was wholly focused on the patient – from the first call right through to follow-ups after visits.

We want to create a different experience for anyone that entrusts us with their dental care.

For us, a different dental experience that extended beyond exceptional oral health care meant:

  • Allowing our patients to choose how we communicate with them. Not everyone wants to receive countless reminder calls. There is no reason why we can’t communicate via email or text message if that is your preference.
  • Creating an environment that gives people a break in their days – making them feel welcome and at home. A warm welcome and cup of coffee greets all of our patients. If they come early, they can enjoy free Wi-Fi or watch some TV in our reception area.
  • Helping the time in the chair pass by quickly. We invite patients to watch a range of TV channels on our in-office screens.